Saturday, August 28, 2010

How to conquer my heart...with cookies

Hello Cookie lovers ^_^ How are you doing?

Today I'll teach you how did that special guy conquered my heart....and if you're thinking about cookies..YES! you're right hahaha :D

I think cookies are more than a simple meal to combat ur hunger. A cookie can have a lot of meanings; a rotten cookie is an expression of hate, a salty cookie shows fake apprecitation to someone, and sometimes a simple cheap cookie can mean everything for you x3

One cold night a shy guy came close to me, with an oreo packet on his hand. He asked me out but I didnt accept cuz I though he was kinda dumb :P...He looked so sad...but then he took an oreo and said: "Lets make a bet, hold one side of this cookie and if u get the cream, I'll leave you alone for ever...but if I get the cream I'm afraid you have to go out with me"

I though it was cute, so I accepted it ^_^

And the rest is history hehehe :P not relevant for our interests. I just have to say that I'm happy for losing that bet =).

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