Monday, September 6, 2010

Fortune cookies...why not!

Hello again ^_^ Thanks for visiting my blog :D I rly appreciate it..although Imnt a good commenter cuz....English isnt my native language and well...I'm kinda shy :$

Today we stop the recipes for a while and lets talk about fortunes cookies. Who doesnt like these sweet delicious cookies ^_^ and who has not decide their future based on those mysterious prophecies :O

Today I used a webpage that opens a virtual cookie for you :P and the message..was so clear for me that I got impressed:

"   Your LOVE Fortune:    Walk carefully in the beginning of love. --- Don't give it all away, love but watch with a rational eye to be certain of what you think you're seeing now"

... I started a new relationship 1 month ago...¿can this be a warn signal? who knows! hahah but I decided to trust this cookie ^_^

If you wanna check what the cookie wants to tell you, go to this link: and have fun !! :D

Hope all of you have a rly rly bright future...filled with hope and goods things =) Love you all see you next time! ^_^

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